-About Me

Hi friends! I'm Ashley, the owner of Orchard Ave Boutique. Just a little bit about me before you start shopping :) My family and I live in Western Colorado. I'm the proud mama to two adventurous and crazy little boys. I have an amazing husband, Jess, who supports me in all my ventures, while also running his own excavating business. If I am not here running this business, you will probably find me doing one of the following: homeschooling my boys, playing with my dogs, drinking wine, enjoying the Colorado sunshine, boating, baking, DIY-ing, hanging with my girlfriends, watching baseball, reading, Bible study, or traveling.

I started this business because I was a stay at home mama and there were days I just felt like I was losing myself in the day-to-day of feeding toddlers and doing a thousand loads of laundry. But I could just not bring myself to leave my kids and go back to work, time is so fleeting and I didn't want to miss out on these years with them. I've always had a entrepreneurial spirit, so combine that with my business and marketing background from college, my desire to tap into the creative side of my brain, and my love for shopping- Orchard Ave Boutique was born! Being the owner of my own business gave me the freedom to "work" but also be present with my family. Here at Orchard Ave you will find practical and quality fashion and boutique items for busy mamas and women alike at an affordable price point. I love building relationships with all my shoppers so please feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook any time! Happy shopping and THANK YOU for your support!